Notary Cape Town is a division of Le Roux attorneys and provides both South Africans and foreign nationals with notarisation, apostille and legalisation services which usually include notarised and/or certified copies for a host of different legal documentation.

Our Notary Public attend to the legalisation (apostille or authentication) of documents for use both locally and internationally, advise clients thereon, and attend to the drafting and registration of various notarial deeds.

Notarial Services

We provide various businesses, corporate companies and individuals with notarial services. Our notarial services include, but are not limited to, the following:


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Documents we legalise

Speak to us at Le Roux Attorneys should you need legal advice and guidance regarding the following:

Birth Certificates

Death Certificates

Educational Documents

Divorce Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Permission Letter For Minor Children To Travel

Letters of No Impediment

Police Clearance Certificates

Power of Attorney

Copies of ID's or Passports